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China's machine tool accessories industry market development overview and new product development

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At present, the entire machine tool industry has developed rapidly, and the demand for machine tool accessories has surged, and the domestic market has a large capacity. Especially in recent years, Ch

At present, the entire machine tool industry has developed rapidly, and the demand for machine tool accessories has surged, and the domestic market has a large capacity. Especially in recent years, China's automobile industry has developed rapidly, making the machine tool industry market more vigorous. At present, the market of domestic low-end CNC machine tool accessories products is basically occupied by domestic products, and some products such as CNC indexing heads and tool holders have certain batch export. However, in recent years, there has been a large influx of products in Taiwan, and the market competition knife for mid-range CNC machine tool accessories has become increasingly fierce. High-end technology-level products mainly rely on imports, and imports from industrialized countries such as Japan, Germany, and Italy. General machinery and traditional machine tool accessories are exported to the international market. Although the export volume of some machine tool accessories increased in 2004, the total export volume of various machine tool accessories was not large, indicating that the demand in the domestic market has become larger.

In order to enter the mainland market in China, foreign and Taiwanese companies have gradually lowered their product prices, and their market share has gradually expanded. At present, due to the obvious advantages of domestic products in pre-sales technical business communication and after-sales service than foreign manufacturers, the domestic CNC machine tool accessories products can be continuously developed. But as foreigners adopt continental local production methods, we will lose these advantages. In recent years, the development of the machine tool industry in some developing countries has accelerated, and machine tool accessories have been gradually imported into the mainland market, and there is a certain price competitive advantage. For example, Indian companies are rapidly developing various types of machine tool accessories, various types of chucks, CNC turntables, and CNC tool holders. They also have certain advantages in comparison with other importers.

Second, product development

As far as the types of machine tool accessories are concerned, most of the domestic machine tool accessories companies have their own, and they are basically specialized in production, which can meet the needs of the host. However, with the development of numerical control technology, the continuous application of new technologies and new processes, new foreign-made and new-structure CNC machine tool accessories have emerged, such as CNC rotary table (Single-axis high-speed CNC rotary table or two-axis linkage) directly driven by servo motor. High-speed tilting table) Several overseas manufacturers have appeared at the cimt2005 China International Machine Tool Show, completely changing the traditional structural principle, and the turning speed is much higher than the traditional mechanical structure. Machining center with angle conversion boring and milling head, CNC gantry milling machine with ac axis double oscillating CNC milling head (including mechanical and servo motor direct drive), b-axis for b-axis or b, y two-axis movement milling CNC milling head for hobbing. At present, only a few research institutions or manufacturers in China are in the research stage, and no production capacity is formed. The mainframe basically relies on import support. In addition, the high-speed characteristics and clamping accuracy of power chucks and shanks for high-efficiency CNC machine tools are much larger than those of foreign countries.

The level of CNC machine tool accessories has been improved compared to previous years. Indexing type CNC accessories, CNC tool holders, power chucks and other products, specifications and varieties continue to improve, the structure continues to improve, the main performance and reliability have been greatly improved. At present, the domestic CNC machine tool accessories should be able to meet the matching needs of mid-range CNC machine tools, but there are still gaps in the machine tool accessories for some high-end horizontal CNC machine tools compared with foreign countries. The main difference is due to the overall equipment manufacturing capability and coordination capability. The company's own technological transformation capability is insufficient. This is also the main reason why China's product level is lower than foreign products.

In recent years, due to the surge in market orders, the development of new products has been affected. Judging from the situation grasped by the secretariat of the machine tool attachment branch, the new product development of the industry enterprises is mainly concentrated in the backbone enterprises (formerly larger state-owned enterprises). Most industry companies should pay more attention to the research and development of technical reserve products when they guarantee a large number of market orders, and solve the contradiction between order products and new product development. It is necessary to protect the current market and pay attention to the development of future market competitiveness.

Third, the technical transformation of enterprises

Compared with the machine tool main engine factory, the machine tool accessories industry is characterized by a large number of enterprises and many new private enterprises. Except for some original state-owned enterprises, most enterprises are small in scale. There are still gaps in equipment accuracy and equipment performance of industrial enterprises.

In 2004, industrial enterprises paid more attention to the technical transformation of specialized production. For example, Yantai Global Machine Tool Accessories Group Co., Ltd. completed the construction of a new factory building of nearly 8,000 square meters in 2004 after completing the construction of a new workshop in the foundry. More than 20 sets of equipment and instruments have been added, and the erp/pdm/oa information management network has been constructed to meet the needs of professional and large-scale production of CNC machine tool accessories. Wafangdian Yongchuan Machine Tool Accessories Co., Ltd. invested 360 in 2004. More than ten thousand equipment transformation; Changzhou Xinshu Machine Tool CNC Equipment Co., Ltd. added 9 sets of machine tools and 1 set of generator sets in 2004; Yantai Sanfa Conveying and Filtering Equipment Manufacturing Co., Ltd. built a new workshop of 10,000 square meters. Industry enterprises have increased investment in technological transformation, improved production and manufacturing capabilities, and expanded production scale, reflecting the confidence of enterprises in the market development prospects and full confidence in the good development of the machine tool industry.